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Middle-child Barry takes after his old man — hot-tempered, but a real softie underneath those oversized hockey jerseys.  Most people, including his mom, say Barry runs hot – but the accurate word is passionate.  He feels things deeply and is often on the verge of an epic tantrum or an excited break dance.  Barry’s a master of snap judgment – he constantly thinks his family is ganging up on him and he’s getting the short end of the stick.  And he usually is.  According to Barry, he lives in a vast world of unfairness.  Still, he loves basketball and dreams of playing in the NBA like his heroes, Charles Barkley and Dr. J.  When he’s not training on the court, he spends his free time “rolling it out” at the Moonlight Skate Rink, freestyle rapping under the alias “Big Tasty”, practicing karate and torturing his younger brother.  After all, Barry needs someone to beat up on – it’s hard being constantly agitated by his overbearing smother.


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